115 Anti Human Trafficking Units (AHTU) have been established all over the country in 2010-11.  104 AHTUs have been made operational.  The Ministry of Home Affairs has released funds to the tune of Rs.8.72 crores to all the states for this purpose.  This was stated by Shri Jitendra Singh, Minister of State of Home Affairs in the Rajya Sabha today.

Establishment of AHTUs in the States has shown results at the ground level resulting in increase in the number of cases registered, number of rescue operations and more convictions.  This has been done under a comprehensive scheme of setting up 335 Integrated Anti Human Trafficking Units in the course of 3 years.

The state wise funds released for establishment of AHTU’s during 2010-11 &   2011-12 are:



No. of AHTU’s Sanctioned in 2010-11

Amount Sanctioned in     2010-11 @ 7,58,000 per AHTU

No. of AHTU’s Sanctioned…

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