Rs 25k reward for information on sex selection in state


JAIPUR: In a bid to intensify the fight against female foeticide, the state government has launched a new scheme which promises reward to those who can provide information about sex selection activities at neighbourhood clinics, hospitals and sonography centres.

The government has introduced a ‘mukhbir yojna’, under which a person providing confirmed information about the involvement of a doctor or a medical staff in sex determination will get a reward of Rs 25,000. A reward of equal prize money has also been set aside for those who can give information about unregistered and illegal sonography machines.

“We will use the information as a lead to conduct raids. After collecting evidences, we will present it before the court,” a PCPNDT (Pre Conception and Pre Natal Diagnostic Technique) cell officer said.

Expressing concern over the sliding sex ratio in the state which stands at 883 as per the 2011 Census against 909 in 2001, Jaipur district collector Navin Mahajan said, “The scheme will motivate informers and general public to give secret information about sex determination.”

A medical and health department official said, “Earlier, we used to give Rs 1,000 for any information on sex determination, but now we have launched a full-fledged scheme to encourage informers.”

The government’s earlier efforts to encourage informers on providing such vital information did not meet with success. It had launched a website where in any person can provide information on sex determination practices without revealing identity. However, with the new scheme, the state is optimistic about getting more informers on the board.

The state government has also given police the power to file complaints against the accused involved in sex determination practice. Under the Pre-Conception and Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques Act, 1994, the state government has authorized the police (not below the rank of sub inspector) to file complaints in the court.. The move is aimed to instill fear of arrest among offenders.

It has issued notification to authorize sub divisional magistrates (SDMs) to conduct raids and suspend licenses of sonography centres involved in sex selection. Earlier, such powers rested with the deputy chief medical officer, an official said.


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