Steps for Welfare of Indian Workers in Middle East

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From time to time, Indian Missions in countries of the Middle-East receive complaints from domestic workers regarding working conditions. Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs regulates emigration to Emigration Check Required (ECR) countries. In this regard, Ministry has taken many steps, which include the following:

(i) Domestic workers are mandatorily required to obtain employment documents duly attested by Indian Embassy concerned before seeking emigration clearance.
(ii) Age restriction of 30 years has been made mandatory in respect of all such women emigrants.
(iii) Women household workers are allowed to emigrate after the Indian mission has attested the identity of the foreign employer and terms and conditions of contract.
(iv) A pre-paid mobile facility must be provided by the employer to every woman Household Worker. If the Foreign Employer recruits the worker directly, he is required to deposit a security of $2500 with the Indian Mission.
(v) The Ministry has set up the Overseas Workers Resource Centre (OWRC), which is a 24×7 Helpline to enable emigrant workers / prospective emigrants to obtain information on all emigration related matters and to seek redressal of their complaints.
(vi) The Ministry undertakes Awareness Campaign through the print and electronic media to sensitize potential emigrant workers about the legal emigration process and hazards of illegal emigration.
(vii) Indian Community Welfare Fund has been established in all Countries including Middle-East countries. Help is provided by the Indian Missions out of this fund to all Indian Workers who are stranded and are in need of assistance.
(viii) Erring foreign employers are blacklisted and action against recruitment agents are taken in case the grievances of emigrants are not resolved by them.


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