Rehabilitation of Child Labourers Working in Food Stalls


Union Minister of Labour and Employment Shri Mallikarjun Kharge today informed the Rajya Sabha that his Ministry has not conducted any survey on the number of child labourers in food stalls around metropolitan cities.

Replying to a written question the minister said that Government is implementing National Child Labour Project (NCLP) for rehabilitation of children withdrawn from work. Under the Project, children withdrawn from work are enrolled in the special schools, where they are provided with bridge education, vocational training, nutrition, stipend, health care, etc. before mainstreaming into formal education system.

(d): The Government of India has adopted a multi-pronged strategy for eradication of child labour which is as follows:

(i) A legislative action plan in the form of Child Labour (Prohibition & Regulation) Act, 1986.
(ii) Project-based action plan in areas of high concentration of Child Labour under National Child Labour Project Scheme.
(iii) Focus on general development programmes for the benefit of the families of Child Labour.

The above measures have yielded positive results in eradication of child labour.


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