Shelter Homes for Women/Girls

The Ministry of Women & Child Development is implementing two shelter based schemes for women/girls facing  difficult circumstances without any family support namely Swadhar and Short Stay Home.

Categories of women/girls who can take shelter in the shelter homes are:

(i)                   Widows deserted by their families and relatives and left uncared near religious places where they are victims of exploitation;

ii)                 Women prisoners released from jail and without family support;

(iii)                Women survivors of natural disaster who have been rendered homeless and are without any social and economic support;

(iv)                Trafficked women/girls rescued or runaway from brothels or other places or women/girl victims of sexual crimes who are disowned by family or who do not want to go back to respective family for various reasons;

(v)                  Women victims of terrorist/extremist violence who are without any family support and without any economic means for survival;

(vi)                Mentally challenged women (except for the psychotic categories who require care in specialized environment in mental hospitals) who are without any support of family or relatives.

(vii)               Women with HIV/AIDS deserted by their family or women who have lost their husband due to HIV/AIDS and are without social/economic support; or

(viii)             Similarly placed women in difficult circumstances.

State-wise number of girls and women residing in Swadhar & Short Stay Homes in the country.


S. No. Name of the State No. of girls / women residing in shelter homes
1. Andhra Pradesh 4904
2. Assam 1404
3. Arunachal Pradesh 110
4. Bihar 932
5. Chandigarh 64
6. Chattishgarh 356
7. Delhi 120
8. Gujarat 288
9. Haryana 670
10. Jharkhand 220
11. Jammu & Kashmir 278
12. Karnataka 3294
13. Kerala 434
14. Madhya Pradesh 1424
15. Maharashtra 4776
16. Manipur 1284
17. Mizoram 50
18. Nagaland 414
19. Orissa 4537
20. Punjab 256
21. Pondicherry 128
22. Rajasthan 684
23. Sikkim 64
24. Tamilnadu 3226
25. Tripura 320
26. Uttar Pradesh 4757
27. Uttrakhand 584
28. West Bengal 3204
Total 38782

This information was given by Smt. Krishna Tirath, Minister of State for Women and Child Development (Independent Charge) in a written reply to a question in the Lok Sabha today.


(Release ID :63831)


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